Winterschool "Perspectives on Religion and Gender"

Tuesday, 9.1. – Thursday, 11.1.2018

The event is a three day Winterschool in January 2018 at the University of Zurich, organized by the Department of Religious Studies  in co-operation with the
Inter-University Gender Studies Doctoral Program 
and supported by the Graduate Campus UZH. Particpation is open to Master's students and doctoral candidates and there will be no participation fee.


Religion and gender are areas that are widely researched in todays’ scholarship. The entanglement of the two categories is thereby analysed with regard to questions of belonging, identification, representation, agency, and power relations. Both the concepts of gender and religion have a long and nuanced epistemology embedded in specific academic discourses that have not always interacted with each other. In this Winterschool, the focus lies on current research investigating the interrelation of religion and gender and on ways the exchange and development of interdisciplinary approaches may benefit future religion and gender-related research projects. Thereby, participants learn about specific theoretical and methodological perspectives of Gender and Religious Studies and discuss possible implications thereof on the basis of a variety of concrete research examples concerned with gender and religion in Europe and Asia. 


The Winterschool will take place over the course of three days:
Tuesday, 9.1. – Thursday, 11.1.2018.

Program Winterschool


The event is located at the University of Zurich, the exact location and room information will be announced in due time.


Religionswissenschaftliches Seminar
Kantonsschulstrasse 1
8001 Zürich
Tel. + 41 (0)44 634 47 13


Term of Registration: December 01, 2017

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