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Department of Religious Studies

Specialized MA program in Religion and Culture in Contemporary Societies

"Religionen, Kulturen, Gesellschaft"

Mono-Master 120

The MA program "Religion and Culture in Contemporary Societies" is designed for students without a Bachelor's degree in religious studies or those who received a Bachelor's degree in religious studies but not from the University of Zurich. With its social science approach, the program enables graduates to understand and analyze the influence and consequences of religions in various social, political and cultural contexts across the world. Thanks to a structured curriculum consisting of several block seminars and a number of self-study modules it is possible to complete the MA program as part-time study while working. Furthermore, Internships and research stays can be integrated into the curriculum. The MA program has a strong interdisciplinary focus and integrates several courses from neighboring disciplines such as political science, sociology, anthropology, Islamic studies, etc. The MA thesis can be written individually or as a team within a wider research project. "Religion and Culture in Contemporary Societies" can be studied in English or German.

Employment prospects

The MA program provides students with the skills and knowledge to pursue an academic career or to take on strategic and leading roles, especially in fields where social, political and cultural/religious issues intersect, such as positions in public offices for integration, in journalism or international organizations.

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