European Research Network on Death Rituals

The European Research Network on Death Rituals is an interdisciplinary, international group of researchers working on death rituals. A key aim of the network is to foster the exchange of research, publications and conferences. The main focus lies on contemporary European death rituals with a special interest in cross-country studies.

The network meets at least once a year on the occasion of a joint workshop.


M.A. Maija Butters (University of Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. François Gauthier (University of Freiburg)
Michael Houseman (Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, Paris)
Dr. Nina Jakoby (University of Zurich)
Dr. Anne Kjaersgaard (Aarhus University)
Prof. Dr. Sonja Kmec (University of Luxembourg)
Kaarina Koski (University of Helsinki)
M.A. Isabelle Kostecki (University of Montreal / University of Freiburg)
Prof. Dr. Oliver Krüger (University of Freiburg)
M.A. Karen Leth-Nissen (University of Copenhagen)
Prof. Dr. Dorothea Lüddeckens (University of Zurich)
Dr. Avril Maddrell (University of Reading)
Dr. Brenda Mathijssen (University of Groningen)
Marika Moisseeff (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Paris)
Dr. Hannah Rumble
M.A. Lilo Ruther (University of Zurich)
M.A. Daniela Stauffacher (University of Freiburg)
Dr. Terhi Utriainen (University of Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. Eric Venbrux (Radboud University)
Prof. Dr. Marie Vejrup Nielsen (Aarhus University) 
Prof. Dr. Tony Walter (University of Bath)
Prof. Dr. Linda Woodhead (Lancaster University)


Prof. Dr. Dorothea Lüddeckens (University of Zurich)

Upcoming events


Past events

3.-5.3.2019 Workshop
5.-6.3.2018 Workshop
5.-7.3.2017 Workshop
17.3.2016 Workshop
18.8.2015 Network meeting with Prof. Dr. François Gauthier and Prof. Dr. Eric Venbrux
5.-6.3.2015 Workshop