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Department of Religious Studies

Academic Advisory Service / Commitee for Student Affairs

Academic Advisory Service

Guidelines and program regulations (German) provide detailed information about the degree programs.

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Documents Master

FAQs Bachelor
FAQs Master

For questions about the individual schedule and transfer of credits please contact the academic advisory service.


Farida Stickel
Religionswissenschaftliches Seminar
Kantonsschulstrasse 1
8001 Zürich


Office hours: by arrangement

At present, consultations are only possible by telephone or Skype/Zoom/Teams. Appointments can be arranged by email.

Commitee for Student Affairs

For questions about the transfer of credits, admission etc. please contact the Committee for Student Affairs.

Requests may be sent by post to the Vice Dean for Studies and by e-mail to the Vice Dean for Studies with a copy to the Academic Advisor of Religious Studies including the form below and the relevant certificates.

Form Request for Transfer of Credits (German) (DOC, 62 KB)

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