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Doctoral Level

Central to the doctorate is the composition of a doctoral thesis, which demonstrates the ability to do independent scientific research. In order to receive a doctorate in Study of Religions one could do an individual doctorate or a doctoral program. In both cases, the research project is supervised by a doctoral committee consisting of at least two post-doctoral representatives; one of those representatives is primarily responsible for the supervision.

The individual doctorate includes the composition of a dissertation, a curricular proportion of at least 12 ECTS Credits as well as the attendance of a PhD colloquium.

The doctorate within the scope of a doctoral program includes the composition of a dissertation and a curricular proportion of 30 ECTS Credits.

The attendance of research colloquia, university teaching, active participation at scientific symposia, acquisition of transferable skills, etc. may be accredited.

At the UZH there are several ways of receiving a doctoral degree in Study of Religions:

There are the following requirements for the acceptance to a doctorate in Study of Religions:

  • A university Master’s degree or an equivalent degree in Study of Religions with an overall grade of at least “good”; people with a Master’s degree in a different subject that is akin to the study of religions can be admitted by the Committee of Student Affairs upon reasonable request.
  • The willingness of a member of professorial staff and representative of Study of Religions to support the doctoral project as primarily responsible supervisor and to assume control of the accompanying doctoral committee. Along with the letter of acknowledgment an application can be submitted to the Admissions Office of the University of Zurich for the fall or spring semester respectively.

Anyone aspiring a doctoral study in Study of Religions at the University of Zurich may first contact a professor at the Institute of Religious Studies.

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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program Asia and Europe

Since the 2009 Fall semester, the URPP Asia and Europe offeres a structured doctoral program.