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Department of Religious Studies

Doctoral Program in Study of Religions

At the UZH there are currently two doctoral programs with the possibility of a PhD conferral in the Study of Religions: the cross-university Doctoral Program Study of Religions of the University of Basel and Zurich and the Doctoral Program Asia and Europe at the UZH.

Doctoral Program Study of Religions Basel – Zurich

The cross-university, subject-specific Doctoral Program Study of Religions exists since 2013 and is based on the cooperation of the Institute of Religious Study with the subject area Study of Religions at the University of Basel. This program is based on the foundation of cultural and socio-scientific professional knowledge.

Due to the collaboration of both facilities there is an appealing variety of choice. Thereby, the social and scientific interconnectedness of doctoral candidates through their home universities is facilitated and at the same time the subject identity of the Study of Religions may be strengthened.

The doctoral program has a threepart structure:

Centralized disciplinary offers

Decentralized disciplinary offers

Transferable skills

About one third of the program falls upon the trasferable scientific as well as professional skills, one third upon the centralized disciplinary offers andanother third upon the decentralized disciplinary offers, which are aimed at the specific profile of the respective facilities and at personal specialization interests of doctoral candidates. .

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