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Department of Religious Studies

List of Staff according to Position


Dorothea Lüddeckens, Prof. Dr.   Social-scientific study of religions   Research fields
Christoph Uehlinger, Prof. Dr.   History of religions / Comparative religions   Research fields
Rafael Walthert, Prof. Dr.   Theory and systematic study of religions   Research fields
David Atwood, Prof. Dr.  

Center for Religion, Economy
and Politics (ZRWP)

  Website ZRWP
Beth Singler, Prof. Dr.   UFSP "Digital Religion(s)"   Website UFSP


Administrative Head

Farida Stickel, Dr. Administrative head

Administrative Office

Michelle Caflisch-Däpp, M.A Administrative assistant / PhD candidate

Academic Advisory Service

Farida Stickel, Dr. Academic advisor

Research and Teaching Assistants

Loïc Bawidamann, M.A. Chair Walthert
Linda Bosshart, M.A. Chair Lüddeckens
Mattias Brand, Dr. Chair Uehlinger
Schirin Ghazivakili, Dr. des. Chair Uehlinger
Vanessa Kopplin, M.A. Chair Lüddeckens
Jill Marxer, M.A. Chair Lüddeckens
Maike Sieler, M.A. Chair Walthert

PhD Candidates

Martin Bürgin, lic. phil. PhD candidate SNF
Virginie Fazel, M.A. PhD candidate UFSP "Digital Religion(s)"
Mara Griesehop, M.A. PhD candidate
Roger Meier, lic. sc. rel. PhD candidate
Gaudenz Metzger, M.A. PhD candidate
Heela Najibullah, M.A. PhD candidate
Isaac Osei-Tutu, Dipl.-Theol. Univ., STL, MA RWP PhD candidate
Maryam Pirdehghan, M.A. PhD candidate
Noa Ranzer, M.A. PhD candidate
Christian Rossi, M.A. PhD candidate
Lilo Ruther, M.A. PhD candidate
Urs Schellenberg, lic. sc. rel. PhD candidate
Andrea Suter, M.A. PhD candidate


Mira Menzfeld, Dr.              Postdoc UFSP "Digital Religion(s)"

Academic Associates

Renate Fahrni, M.A. Research Associate SNF (SINERGIA)
Ben Greet, Dr. Project coordinator SINERGIA                                
Philipp Hetmanczyk, Dr. phil. Research assistant teacher education
Urs Weber, M.A. Coordinator of the "Religious Studies and Theology" programme / PhD candidate
Lea Sara Mägli, M.A. Research assistant teacher education

Associated researchers

Mirjam Aeschbach, Dr. Associated Researcher  
Katharina Frank, Dr. phil. Associated Researcher                                  
Jaqueline Grigo, Dr. phil. Associated Researcher  
Silas Klein Cardoso, Dr. Associated Researcher  
Fabio Porzia, Dr. Associated Researcher  
Nina Rageth, Dr. Associated Researcher  
Brigitta Rotach, Dr. Associated Researcher  
Mahdi Soleimanieh, Dr. Associated Researcher  

External Instructors / Instructors Teachers' Education

Sara Kviat Bloch, M.A. Instructor teachers' education "Judaism"                    
Marcia Bodenmann, lic. phil. Staff member Publications
Regula Zwicky, Dr. des. Teaching assistant

Student Assistants

Michael Aeschlimann, B.A. Student assistant
Diana Haibucher, B.A. Student assistant
Marie Jäckel, B.A. Student assistant
Alexandra Probst, B.A. Student assistant
Mario Venanzi, B.A. Student assistant